Frequently asked questions

I often get asked questions about natural therapy. Here, I answer some of the most common queries I receive.

If you have any other questions, book a discovery call and I’ll be happy to explain more about my natural therapies.

Naturopathy refers to the natural healing practices used by naturopaths, which can include everything from Homeopathy and Hydrotherapy to Herbal Medicine. Naturopathy has its origins in Ancient Greece, and aims to treat the ‘whole’ person using the healing power of nature.

Nutritional therapy is the use of food, supplements and diets to help someone move towards their health goals. A qualified nutritional therapist (like me!) or dietician can introduce you to wholesome foods, as well as the right nutrients and supplements so that you can adopt healthier habits and maximise your health potential.

Bi-Aura therapy is a form of bio-energy healing that aims to rebalance your energy system. As a Bi-Aura therapist, my objective is to remove your energy blockages through a series of graceful movements – and with minimal physical contact. Bi-Aura therapies are designed to enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

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